about us

An Eclectic Pool of Creative and Technical Talent.

Leonardo Borsten, President

Experience in Advertising & Marketing.
Expertise in Computer Graphics and Programming.

Get the best in web development of South Florida. One-stop shop, from the artistic to the technical.

The Best Artists

Experience in creative advertising and marketing is part of the package you get at Miami Website Designs. We've done consumer products, services, industrial, professional, non-profit and government. We are confident that we can do great stuff for you, too.

The Best Geeks

Our IT talent can do it all for you. Technology is always changing. Our geeks are constantly learning new languages, techniques and features. We keep abreast of progress so that we can offer you the latest and the greatest.

Around The Clock Service

All our core talent is based here in Miami, USA. Occasionally however, we use overseas experts to get the work done quickly and at the most competitive cost. After the sun sets in Miami, our associates around the world start working. Web development that never sleeps.